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Obituary Services

Placing an online or printed obituary

An obituary is used for informing friends and families about the passing of a loved one. This is especially true for friends of the deceased that the remaining family either are unable to contact or do not know of. Obituaries can be made to be printed under the obituaries section of newspapers, or online in our own obituaries page.

Obituaries carrying the details of the funeral wake and funeral dates will be printed on the newspaper, with the cost varying according to the size of the obituary requested. Should you want an obituary to be printed, we will contact agents from SPH to meet up and discuss the details with you.

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Through the use of our own web portal, we are able to host obituaries to ease the process of disseminating information of the funeral to friends and family. Comments and words of condolences can also be left on this obituary page for the family to look at anytime.

Call us at 9822 1489 for a free consultation today.

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