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Funeral Arrangement

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Funeral Packages


We maximise our services while minimizing
your cost through our carefully tailored
packages, for any type of funeral.

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Arrangement Guide
Guide to
Funeral Arrangement

Unsure of what to do?
Here is a breakdown of the things
you have to do during a funeral.

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Obituary Service
Online Obituary

We offer an online obituary service for those who wish to leave stories, eulogies or just a simple prayer in memory of your loved one.

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A funeral service is like a one-way ticket with no return trip. Funeral undertakers and directors at Hock Hin Undertaker carry out the important task of ensuring this final journey of your loved one is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. By removing the stress and burden of planning or coordinating a funeral yourself, you can direct your energy to that which is the most important – grieving for your loved one.

Why Choose Hock Hin Funeral Undertaker?

In today’s funeral landscape, there are many funeral undertakers and directors to choose from. Funeral undertakers from Hock Hin boast a history of more than 60 years in Singapore’s funeral industry, and we have conducted funeral services and send-offs across many different families. We have in us the experience and history of Singapore’s funeral practices as well as the evolving requirements of the families we serve. Our shopfront is situated in Sin Ming Drive, among the few available funeral parlours in Singapore, and you have our guarantee that your loved one is properly cared for in our hands.

We are at the forefront of modernising the funeral service and undertaking landscape, focusing on enhancing the funeral experience of families. The use of more aesthetically pleasing decorations and setups aids in bringing more life into the venue. Likewise, funeral parlours have been constantly improving their looks through regular renovations and innovations, maximising the comfort of bereaved families.

Funeral Service & Wake Venues

Funeral services are commonly held either at the void decks or in a funeral parlour in Singapore. Void decks provide convenience for families due to their close proximity to their homes and allow for larger crowds to gather. It is a popular choice for families who wish to conduct a grander service and reception for visitors. Funeral parlours provide a more comfortable, private setting for visiting friends and families. Most also do not require family members to be present overnight, which allows them to return home to rest before going back to the parlour the next day.

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