Not sure how to arrange a funeral? Let us guide you.

There are many decisions to be made and preparations to be had when it comes to planning a funeral. As most people are unfamiliar with what to do when their loved one passes, this is where we step in to help and guide you through the process from the first call.

Below is a guide to prepare the public with the basic knowledge of what a typical funeral will consist of, and various decisions and preparations to be made for a funeral. Our staff will be present every step of the way to guide you through this process, allowing the bereaved families to focus their energy and attention on their loved one.

funeral guide

1. Contact Hock Hin at +65 98221489. Our funeral director will meet up with the family to discuss details of the wake.

2. Prepare a set of clothing, a photo, Certificate of Cause of Death (COCD) and death certificate.

3. Loved one will be taken in by our staff for bathing, embalming, dressing and make-up.

4. Our funeral director will tailor and plan the funeral according to family’s wishes. Family will be informed of the time to gather to welcome their loved one.

Checklist of Funeral Decisions

Venue of wake (HDB Void Deck, Parlous, at home, etc)

Religion of wake (or free-thinker)

Number of days for the wake

Cremation or burial of deceased

1. Family members gather to welcome their loved one. Our staff will set up their finishing touches for wake venue.

2. Religious leader arrives to conduct prayers and funeral rites facilitated by staff and funeral director

3. Family members observe practices of religion over the duration of the wake. Prayers will be conducted on the last night of the wake.

1. Prayers will be conducted before setting off for crematorium/burial site. Our staff will be present to facilitate prayer session and usher attending family and guests.

2. Loved one will be sent off in a hearse, with guests and family transported via bus.

3. Final prayers are conducted at crematorium/burial site. Staff will conduct the necessary steps to facilitate movement within the venue.

4. Family and guests are then transported back to wake venue or location requested by family.

1. Funeral director will facilitate collection of ashes of loved one with family

2. Depending on decision of family discussed earlier, funeral director will guide family through the process(columbarium or sea burial).

3. Prayers will be conducted at sea or at the desired columbarium