Our taoist funeral package is that of a small hokkien taoist funeral. As taoist funerals in Singapore differs in customs and rites according to dialect, the items provided and cost will vary accordingly. For other dialects, do give us a call and we can quote you a price according to your dialect. As with all packages, it is customisable and has both budget and premium options for your choosing.

From $8000
(3 Days)

Taoist funeral services

A Taoist funeral service in Singapore usually places focus on the prayer ritual conducted by Taoist priests of the dialect group of your family. Different dialects have their own practices and rituals to conduct during a funeral, and as such these Taoist funeral rites are specific to the dialect group (e.g. Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese etc). While the rituals differ from each other, the fundamental meaning behind these actions and prayers are the same: to ensure a safe travel as well as a comfortable afterlife for the deceased. It is also seen as a final act as filial piety for the children of the deceased.

Our Taoist funeral package includes the various fundamental services like other funeral package as well as the fundamental Taoist rites by the priests of any dialect group in Singapore. It also includes a paper house which will be burned and sent to our loved one at the end of the Taoist ritual. You may contact us anytime so that we may advise you and help budget the funeral expenses for your dialect group.

Taoist Funeral Package Details

Immediate response upon contact
– Funeral director will be present to discuss details of funeral
– Staff will be present with equipment to transport loved one from place of death to embalming center

Embalming and Makeup Services
– Your loved one will be embalmed and bathed in our care.
– Professionals will ensure proper makeup and dressing of your loved one.

Provision of Casket Items
– A furnished half glass, Taoist themed casket will be provided
– Taoist blanket, pillow and pearl for the comfort of your loved one

Logistics and Prayers During Wake
– 3 Prayer Services by Revered Taoist Priests:
- During encoffining of loved one (1 priest)
- Final night of the wake (The night before funeral day, 3 priests)
- Funeral Day prayers at wake location and location of cremation/burial (1 priest)
– Staff will be present to guide the family through the rites and rituals

Provision of Offerings During Wake
Floral Arrangements
- Flower frame setup for loved one’s photo
- 2 Table top floral arrangement for memorial altar
- Food and Fruits

Food and Fruits
- Food offerings to be provided for all 3 prayer sessions above
- Fruit offerings for loved one
- Roast meat or other food offerings depending on dialect

Paper Offerings for Taoist Rituals
– 6ft Paper House flanked on both sides with mountains of gold and silver(金銀山)
– Gold Boy and Jade Girl (金童玉女)
– Mountain Bridge (過山橋)
– 1 Red Luggage and 1 Black Luggage
– Paper Lanterns (differs depending on dialect)

Set up of HDB Void Deck
Memorial Hall Setup
- 3-sided tentage setup with carpet
- Choice of canvas or curtain setup
- Choice of Yellow or White themed setup
- Taoist Themed Backdrop
- Taoist memorial altar according to dialect
- Incense brazier for offering of incense sticks
- Traditional Paper Lantern with information of deceased
(Age, Surname, etc)

Tentage Logistics
- 15 Square Tables and 10 Round Tables
- 100 Chairs
- 6 Fans to be placed around the venue

Reception Table
- Safe Box for collection of condolence donations
- Guest book to record visitation of guests
- Printed notice containing information of funeral for guests

Services provided on Funeral Day
– Glass Hearse for transportation of loved one to cremation/burial site
– Pallbearers will be present to assist in the following:
- Guide family and guests through the funeral rites
- Facilitate movement along the road during the final walk
- Lead the funeral procession with the paper lanterns
- Usher guests onto the bus
- Guide guests around the burial or cremation location
– Tokens of appreciation for guests
– 45 seater coach to ferry guests for 2 trips:
- From location of wake to place of burial/cremation
- From place of burial/cremation back to location of wake or location desired by family
– Floral water for cleansing of guests and family

Other Services Included
- Guidance of ash collection after funeral
- Assistance of booking of cremation time slo

Funeral rites are important in many cultures around the world as a reflection of their beliefs, values, and traditions regarding death and the afterlife. Ancient Chinese philosophy and religion, known as Taoism, also has its own special set of funeral customs that are firmly based on its principles. Taoist Funeral Singapore traditions are meant to comfort the bereaved family and respect the deceased while also assisting them in their journey to the afterlife.

Funeral rites hold significant importance in various cultures worldwide, as they mirror beliefs, values, and traditions surrounding death and the afterlife. In the case of Chinese philosophy and religion, specifically Taoism, unique funeral customs are observed, rooted in its principles. A Taoist funeral in Singapore aims to provide solace to the grieving family, show reverence to the departed, and aid them on their passage to the afterlife.

After Death; Preparation of the Deceased Body

In the funeral customs practiced by funeral directors, they carefully transport the deceased to funeral homes and prepare them for burial or cremation. This preparation includes wiping their bodies with a damp towel coated in talcum powder. The deceased is dressed in their finest attire, often in black, brown, white, or blue.

In certain cases, if the departed individual has attained a specific age and is believed to have been blessed with longevity and many descendants, they may be dressed in a unique clothing set called 寿衣 (shòuyī). This special attire consists of seven layers and is intended to keep the departed warm in the afterlife.

It is crucial to avoid dressing the deceased in anything red, as it is believed that this color could potentially transform their spirit into a ghost.

Taoist Funeral Procession

During a Taoist funeral, a solemn procession takes place, wherein mourners, family members, and friends come together to accompany the departed to their final resting place. Throughout the procession, Taoist priests recite blessings and burn incense, guiding the spirit towards the afterlife. Burning incense is believed to cleanse the air and create a connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm.

Taoist Funeral Rites

Funeral customs among different Taoist groups may vary, but they often share several common practices, including:

  • Ancestor Veneration: Taoist funeral customs typically involve the veneration of ancestors. The deceased is honored, and offerings are made to ensure their well-being in the afterlife.
  • Incorporation of Taoist Rituals: Taoist rituals and prayers are an integral part of the funeral ceremonies. Taoist priests or spiritual leaders lead these rituals to guide the spirit of the departed.
  • Use of Incense: Burning incense is a common practice during Taoist funerals. It is believed to purify the surroundings and create a link between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Feng Shui Considerations: Taoist funeral rites often consider Feng Shui principles to choose the burial site and the positioning of the deceased’s body or urn.
  • Mourning Attire: Mourners and family members typically dress in somber attire as a sign of respect and mourning.
  • Funeral Procession: A formal funeral procession is a customary element of Taoist funerals, where the deceased is accompanied to the burial site by family, friends, and mourners.
  • Offerings and Prayers: Various offerings, such as food, money, and symbolic items, are presented as a way to provide for the departed’s needs in the afterlife. Prayers are also recited to ensure a smooth journey for the spirit.
  • Period of Mourning: Taoist funeral customs often involve a designated period of mourning during which the family refrains from certain activities as a mark of respect for the deceased.
  • Releasing of the Spirit: In some Taoist funeral traditions, there may be a symbolic act of releasing the spirit, signifying the departure of the soul to the afterlife.
Prayer Session
Prayer Session
Prayer Session
Prayer Session
Memorial Hall Setup
Memorial Hall Setup
Paper Offerings
Paper Offerings
Altar Setup and Food Offerings
Altar Setup and Food Offerings
Funeral Lanterns
Funeral Lanterns
Funeral Offerings
Funeral Offerings
Funeral Banner
Funeral Banner
Tentage Setup
Tentage Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

The expenses associated with a Taoist funeral package in Singapore can indeed fluctuate based on several factors. Factors such as the location of the funeral service, the specific ceremonies and customs chosen, whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated, and individual preferences can all influence the overall cost.

A Taoist funeral normally lasts for many days, ranging from three to seven days. However, the duration may vary depending on cultural and family traditions.

At Hock Hin, we provide guidance for Taoist funeral planning. Our services encompass consulting with Taoist priests, arranging body cleaning and dressing, organizing Taoist funeral rites and processions, and ensuring that all Taoist traditions are meticulously followed. During this challenging period, you can trust us to handle every aspect with utmost care and sensitivity, easing the burden and honoring your loved one’s journey with utmost reverence.

Hock Hin specializes in arranging Taoist funeral services, which can be held at your preferred location, such as HDB void decks or a funeral parlour. You can trust us to cater to your needs and preferences. Simply reach out to us through our 24/7 helpline to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss the arrangements for the Taoist funeral.

In Taoist funeral services, funeral directors take on the responsibility of overseeing every aspect of the funeral. The process usually commences with pre-planning, where the funeral director works with the family to make necessary arrangements. On the actual funeral day, the funeral director ensures that all preparations are in place and that the ceremonies proceed smoothly according to Taoist customs and traditions. Additionally, funeral directors may also offer after-funeral services, providing support and assistance to the family during their period of mourning.

Note that as size of families and number of visitors in a funeral vary greatly, items such as fridge and drinks, mobile toilet, incense and joss paper are provided where needed. These items are not included in the price of the funeral packages. We charge the consumption of items during the funeral by quantity used rather than in bulk so as to prevent oversupplying and wastage of resources.